Thursday, 26 October 2017

Random thoughts and questions about life

Random thoughts, questions and observations - just for fun

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Which is the wiser course – to travel to see beauty or to appreciate beauty in what you see?

Where should man seek truth – without or within?

If God is the creator of man and is infinite, where did He get the idea of the finite?

Art is an attempt to encapsulate and share an observation or point of view with beauty and clarity.

An author reveals himself in his writing.

Opportunities should be equal, even if the capacity to take advantage of them is not.                                                                  

When confidence outweighs competence, the consequence can be crisis.

Mutual respect is a basis for harmony.

Everything is subjective.

Time is a man-made construct which does not exist in nature.

Philosophy is a fascinating subject which ultimately achieves nothing, however the method used to philosophise may help achieve something.

Treat a person reasonably, and you create a reasonable person. 

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone learns from them.

It’s not the length of experience that counts, it’s what you make of it. 

Nationality is an accident of birth.  

Fame means you are known, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are worth knowing.

Recognition of one’s ignorance is essential to the measurement of one’s knowledge.

Careerism is the enemy of professionalism.